How to use Microtek UPS as power extension sockets when battery fails

By | November 16, 2020

Hi mate, you can easily use the Microtek or other UPS as a power extension box, when the battery fails & you don’t want to replace the same. It’s really helpful, when unused things will convert to other purpose.

So let’s get to start that how we can easily convert the Power UPS to power extension sockets. For that follow the below steps carefully. Please don’t try, if do not have at least basic knowledge on the same. Even don’t do if your not understand below steps, which I explained.


  • Electrical resistance hand safety gloves.
  • Electrical Tester or Multimeter
  • Insulation electrical tape.

Steps to Convert old UPS to Power Extension Sockets:

  1. First of all, wear the electrical resistance hand safety gloves & take the old UPS.
  2. Please make sure that the power cable is not connected to any socket. Then remove the all screws of it with the help of screw driver or tester.
  3. Once removed the all screws, open the UPS box and remove the unusable / failed battery. Also insulate the end of the battery connection wires with insulation tape.
  4. You can also check that the size of battery may increased than it’s regular size when it’s failed from long time.
  5. Now remove the all connection plugs from Electrical mother board.
  6. So that, No power supply will pass to mother board or transformer and the switch is also no more works.
  7. As shown below there 3 color lines of wires from sockets area to mother board. Please remove it from mother board.
  8. Now take 2 inches of copper fire & joint the yellow and red color wire in the respective plug holes and insulate it with help of insulation tape. It’ll connect the actual power phase(+) wire to sockets without any switch.
  9. Then keep all remaining wires and boards as it is & close the box and fix the all screws. If you want remove the transformer from the box by disconnecting the green color earth wire from sockets to avoid unnecessary UPS weight.
  10. Now you can use it as power extension box with 3 sockets. Enjoy!!

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