New hand dispenser pump is not working – How to fix ?

By | December 17, 2021

Hi Mate, here I would like to share one simple trick to resolve the new hygiene hand dispenser [Hand Sanitizer] pumping issue. Whenever you bring the new liquid Sanitizer or hand-wash bottles, most of the times we will face this type of pumping issues. This will happen due to lack of air pressure to draw the liquid. It means basically it not blocking the Air within the pump tube.

Sometimes will also struggle to unlock or open the nozzle cap for new bottles right, I’ll try to provide some tips for that as well. So that, you can easily handle those type situations and you can also save your time.

Steps to resolve the Dispenser pumping issue:

  • Initially you can also try by pressing nozzle 3 to 4 times, So that, it will fill the air in valve tube and then it will start to bring the liquid from the bottle as per the spray mechanism.
  • Mostly it will work for above procedure, if not proceed with the next step.
  • Once you unlock the nozzle cap from the bottle head by rotating it, now just the close the nozzle end point with one finger as shown like below screen shot and try to pump by pressing the nozzle 3-4 times.
  • That’s it. Definitely it will works.

Tips to open the nozzle cap:

Generally you will try to open/unlock the it from the bottle head by rotating left side. Most of the times, it will works, but rare cases it does not works. Because the base of Valve is also rotate along with nozzle. So just remove the entire actual cap of bottle and then please hold the base of valve with finger inside of actual cap and then try to unlock it.



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